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JUUL eLiquid Replacement PODs (4 Pack)

  • $14.99

From PAX comes the JUUL eLiquid Replacment PODs for the JUUL Starter Kit. The JUUL flavor pods features 5% (50mg) nicotine salt flavor pods and offer approximately 200 puffs per pod (Equivalent to approximately a pack (1) of cigarettes). JUUL PODS are not refillable. Simply insert the PODs into the device and the JUUL will automatically start when you inhale.

Features and Specifications:
• E-Liquid Capacity: 0.7ml
• Utilizes proprietary JUUL Liquid PODs.

  1. 5% (50mg Salt Nic)
  2. Non Refillable

Flavor Options:
 Cool Mint JUUL Pod (4 Pack)
Invigorating Peppermint with a soothing finish.
• Fruit Medley JUUL Pod (4 Pack)
A refreshing fruit punch made of mixed berries, peaches and grapes.
• Creme Brulee JUUL Pod (4 Pack)
Vanilla custard with brown sugar and hints of yellow cake.
• Virginia Tobacco JUUL Pod (4 Pack)
Bold and Robust Sweet American Tobacco.
• Mango JUUL Pod - Limited Edition (4 Pack)
Ripe Juicy Mango mixed with a hint of Tropical Fruit.
• Cool cucumber JUUL Pod - Limited Edition (4 Pack)
A cooling blend of mint with refreshing cucumber.
• Classic Tobacco JUUL Pod - Limited Edition (4 Pack)
A robust blend of classic tobacco flavor

Kit Contents:
• 1 X JUUL eLiquid POD - 5% (50mg) - 4 Pack of Flavor Choice